A Dialogue Across Borders

When a young person returns to a country they left at a young age, several questions are called up. Among them:

  • What are the biggest struggles they encounter?
  • What are the educational challenges of navigating education in a different language and academic system?
  • How can educators and activists support them navigating these struggles?
  • And more importantly: How can undocumented youth engage in solidarity practices and collaborate beyond their local spaces and support each other?

These were some of the questions that inspired the conversation that the Center for Multiple Languages and Literacies hosted on February 12th, when self-identified DREAMers from the state of New York had a virtual conversation with members of L@s Otr@s DREAMers, a digital network created by and for young people who have returned to Mexico.



This conversation provided an opportunity for youth from both groups to share their challenges, accomplishments and hopes, and to contextualize through their stories the multiple difficulties that transnational undocumented youth encounter; from navigating a different language, to their access to Higher Education and employment.
The CMLL team is grateful for the DREAMers in both countries who generously shared their stories, and we thank the audience for their participation.

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